4 Pit Bulls Attack Animal Control Officer, Supervisor in Oklahoma; Arkansas ACO Also Attacked

Two Animal Control Officers were attacked by a pack of four dogs–all appearing to be Pit Bulls–in Oklahoma City on Friday, October 10, reports News9.

The first officer went to the 3400 block of South Goff Avenue to attempt to investigate a dog bite to a juvenile at that location the day before.

When he  arrived,  the dogs came from “out of nowhere,” said Trace Lyons with Oklahoma City’s Animal Welfare Division, as she described how the dogs charged out of the property and attacked  the officer,  biting him on the legs, stomach and back..

.“They all got pretty aggressive,” a witness told News 9.

The officer contacted his supervisor who came out to assist, but the Pit Bulls also attacked him. He was bitten as soon as he got out of his vehicle, according to NewsOn6.

The officers stated they could not tell for sure which dogs were responsible for which bites because they operated as a pack in the surprise attacks.

Officials said both animal control employees will recover and the juvenile who was bitten the day before suffered only minor injuries.

All four dogs were impounded and will be quarantined for ten days at the animal welfare facility and observed for signs of rabies.

Animal Control could not make contact with the dog owners, so a Notice was posted on their front gate with an order to call the agency immediately.

The owners may be able to redeem the dogs after the quarantine period, depending upon the outcome of investigation.

However, if criminal charges are filed, the case will go before the court.


Two hundred miles away, in Greenwood, Arkansas, at a special meeting last Monday night, Chief Will Dawson told the City Council that the city’s sole Animal Control Officer, who works under the Planning Department, was attacked by at least three dogs on a recent call.

New Mayor Doug Kinslow made a personal plea for ACO Joseph Fowler to be provided a high-tech police radio.

Officer Fowler replaced the Police Department’s ACO who quit, the Times Record reports.

Dawson testified that the officer “had to fend for himself with a snare pole to get into a car,” and he had only his cell phone to call for help.

Despite the city’s Finance Director protest that the Planning Department does not have $2,700  to purchase a hand-held police radio, Councilman Rod Powell told the Council they would need to find the funding, stating, “This guy needs a radio,”

According to the Times Record, it was decided that the money will be taken from the general fund.

Kudos to Mayor Kinslow, who reportedly thanked the Chief and the Council for their prompt action, and added:

“This is a guy who goes out to do not exactly the same thing that police officers do, but very close. He deals with the same people sometimes.”

via 4 Pit Bulls Attack Animal Control Officer, Supervisor in Oklahoma; Arkansas ACO Also Attacked.

One thought on “4 Pit Bulls Attack Animal Control Officer, Supervisor in Oklahoma; Arkansas ACO Also Attacked”

  1. It sounds as though these dogs may have escaped from a dog fighting ring (or been dumped-off when a dog fighting ring owner was through with them. That having been said, Pit Bull owners need to begin training and socializing their dog from the time they are young puppies; and leash the dog B/4 opening the door. Get help from a dog behaviorist if you’re having problems training the dog yourself.


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