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The investigation continues into a string of pit bull attacks in West Des Moines. The latest happened over the weekend. We’ve since learned Chip, a beagle, is now fighting for his life after a pit bull severely attacked him on the sidewalk. Ryan Smith is live in the newsroom.. with an update on Chip’s condition.. and what police are doing to track down the pit bull’s owner. Despite suffering life-threatening injuries – Chip’s family is confident their beloved pet will pull through. Meantime – this marks the third pit bull attack reported from this west des moines neighborhood. 14.25 “HE’S PART OF THE FAMILY.” 4-year-old Olivia can hardly stand the site of her best friend, a beagle named Chip, in so much pain. His body is almost entirely wrapped in bandaging tape. An I-V constantly attached to his front-left paw. “THAT’S A GOOD BOY.” Saturday Julie Noland was walking Chip – like most days – along ninth street in west des moines. But this time they encountered a pit bull. 9.46 “AS SOON AS I MOVED, HE ATTACKED US.” Noland says she tried to separate the two but the pit bull had its teeth locked into Chip’s neck. “IT WAS THE MOST TRAUMATIC THING I’VE EVER BEEN THROUGH BECAUSE I WAS HELPLESS. I COULDN’T DO ANYTING.” “HIS WOUNDS ARE SO SIGNIFICANT THAT YOU CAN SEE HIS TRACHEA AS WELL AS HIS ESOPHAGUS.” We were there when Noland and Olivia got the grim prognosis at Iowa Veterinary Services. “HE ALSO HAS MULTIPLE BITE WOUNDS ACROSS HIS BACK. AND SO THOSE WOUNDS RIGHT NOW HAVE BEEN LEFT OPEN. WE’RE TREATING THEM A COUPLE TIMES A DAY TO TRY TO FIGURE OUT THE TISSUE THAT’S GOING TO SURVIVE THEN THE TISSUE THAT’S GOING TO DIE.” West Des Moines police say the pit bull should be removed from its owner and considered “vicious” due to the severity of the attack. But there’s one problem… “RIGHT NOW WE’RE HAVING A DIFFICULT TIME DETERMINING THE IDENTITY OF THE DOG AND ITS OWNER, WHERE THAT DOG LIVES.” While the city investigates, Chip has a long, painful road to recovery. 15.13 “I WANT HIM TO GET BETTER, HOPEFULLY TOMORROW… YEAH, I WANT HIM TO COME HOME.” The family will have to decide tomorrow whether or not to send Chip to Iowa State to undergo one, if not multiple, surgeries. Meantime police say they tracked down the complex where they believe the pit bull lives – but everyone there has been uncooperative. Police suspect the owner moved the pit bull for the time being to prevent its removal.

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