Sun News : Tot attacked by dog, pet owner flees

The parents of a local toddler are fuming after their son was viciously attacked by a dog and watched as the pet’s owner fled the scene.

Dallas Wilson said he and his wife Erin were picking up their daughter from Andrew Sibbald School on Lake Bonavista Dr. on Friday when a woman came walking around the corner with a Shih Tzu on a leash.

In an instant the dog was wildly attacking two-year-old Jaxon Schaffer-Wilson.

The tot was bitten on the inside of the gum line of his mouth and underneath his eye.

“We we’re just standing there when suddenly the dog lunged at my son,” the boy’s dad said.

“Immediately I started to panic when I saw blood rushing out.”

After the attack, Wilson said, the woman would not respond or give out any information other than a random address, which city animal and bylaw officials found to be a residence with no record of dog ownership.

“My wife grabbed Jaxon to take him to the hospital and when I started yelling at this woman for her information she gave me a fake address, picked up her dog and ran away,” Wilson said.

The woman is white, in her mid- to late-50s with shoulder-length brown and grey hair. Her dog is an older, grey and white Shih Tzu with black spots.

Meanwhile, Jaxon is recovering at home taking antibiotics and showing signs of improvement.

Doctors told the Wilson family they were lucky to live in Canada where dog diseases like rabies are not prominent.

The family has filed a report with the city’s animal and bylaw services, who were unavailable for comment over the weekend.

After speaking with city officials, Wilson said he was told the case will be filed as a dog at large, meaning that even though the pet was on a leash, the owner failed to maintain control.

But the father is still outraged, with no certainty the dog didn’t have an infectious disease.

“Plain and simple, the dog should be put down,” Wilson said. “The woman should also be charged with bodily harm and assault — it’s a human life and now we’re forced to deal with possible infections.

“Especially bringing your dog to a schoolyard, running away and lying about an address — it’s extremely frustrating and unacceptable.”

City bylaws state that dogs are not allowed on any school grounds or playgrounds.

via Sun News : Tot attacked by dog, pet owner flees.


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