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A dog owner is mourning the loss of her 6-year-old, 6-pound, miniature Pinscher, Teeko.

Angie Couch told WLWT that Teeko was attacked by a German shepherd last Wednesday at the Simmonds Family Dog Park around 5 p.m.

Couch was with her two teenage daughters and Thor, a 2-year-old 100-pound Doberman when the German shepherd attacked.

“The dog ran right up to my feet and attacked my dog and did not let go,” Couch said. “He physically picked her whole body up in his mouth. My dog was bleeding and was mauled.”

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Couch said the German shepherd’s owner saw the attack but did not respond.

“He stood at a stance with his hands in his pockets and watched and didn’t try to get his dog off of my dog,” Couch said. “I looked at him and I said, ‘Are you kidding me right now? Your dog just attacked my dog, will you please put your dog on a leash and go?’ And he said, ‘You shouldn’t been out here, you and your dog shouldn’t been out here.’”

The dog park has two separate areas for dogs to run without a lease. One space is larger for all dogs, the second is a smaller area for dogs under 22 pounds. Couch said this was her first time at the park and saw other small dogs with large dogs.

Park Ranger Supervisor Lt. Greg Grimm said it is rare to have any issues with dogs fighting or attacking because most owners keep control of them.

“It’s going to be up to that owner to be able to observe that dogs behavior and to intervene if there is any type of aggression or really anything there that would put another dog at risk,” Grimm said.

Before entering the park, there is a sign posted with the rules.

Dog Park Rules:

Entry to dog park is at your own risk.

Keep dogs leashed until inside the fence. Dogs entering must be on 6-foot maximum leash.

Watch your dog. Dogs must be under voice command of an adult at all times.

Be considerate of others. Clean up after yourself and your pet.

Stick with your size. Small dog area is for dogs weighing less than 22 pounds.

Fill all holes. Replace dirt dug up by your dog.

No food or chew treats. Dog and people food can cause dogs to act unexpectedly.

No female dogs in heat. Watch un-neutered males closely for bad behavior.

No aggressive dogs. Remove dog at first sign of aggression.

WLWT contacted the German shepherd’s owner but did not get a call back.

Couch said she was able to call a Park Ranger to report the attack, and a report is scheduled to be released tomorrow. Grimm said criminal charges are not possible.

Couch is working with her insurance company to file a claim for pain and suffering. She said she might take civil action if the claims process does not work.

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One thought on “Family mourns loss of dog after dog park mauling | Local News – WLWT Home”

  1. Those are excellent dog park rules! I am going to find a way to copy and save them each dog park I am local too should recommend. It is a problem when people bring their dogs in on retractable leashes. One time a woman brought in a cake for her dog bc it was his birthday, and the dog was a little bichon. The party had to end quick. lol. As a dog park person I personally have issues with people throwing a ball through my dogs play space. I usually let them pass through or move. Corralling dogs from aggressive chasing could be curbed by remote collars when owners are experienced to use them. Thank you.


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