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Please excuse our absence.

Sorry there have not been a lot of updates as of late. Not sure if many of you are aware of the amount of attacks by canines that happen everyday in the news. It is almost a full time job staying on top of all the data. We are currently working on an advocacy project that is taking more of our time and just can’t pull away to post here as much as we would like. Please be patient. Regular updating will resume soon!

News hits about Dangerous Dogs and Dog Laws

Once again we have found it necessary to let people know that this site posts News hits about Dangerous Dogs and Dog Laws. WE do not write these stories. WE do not comment on these stories. WE do not add to these stories.

We have offered to change information (and we have done this on several occasions)  if the reporting news outlet updates or changes their story. Please don’t write us nasty, rude or foul mouthed messages about, pit bulls, statistics or fact checking. If you have an issue with the way a story is reported please contact the news outlet that is linked at the bottom of the post.

We also take threats seriously and all IPs are logged.


Dangerous Dogs In the News

This is just an update to remind the readers of this page that we post ALL Dog Attacks and Dangerous Dog Laws we come across. We have stated that if we miss a news story or information we will gladly post it here several times. We have updated several articles as readers brought them to our attention. We do not provide our own commentary to these articles but post excerpts DIRECTLY from the news source as we receive it. If you have an issue with the way an article is portrayed or the information they entail please contact the news outlet listed in the story. If they make changes please let us know and the story will be updated.

What we WILL NOT do is argue with you. Hate messages pushing hate or ignorance will simply be deleted. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and are welcome to post them here. But Hate message directed to this page, to any poster/commentator or page owners will not be tolerated. Your comments and IP address will simply be forwarded on.

Thank you for your time.