Mastiff escapes from Charlotte home, attacks mailman – WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC

A Charlotte postal worker is recovering after he was attacked by a Mastiff Monday while delivering mail in the Plaza Midwood-area.

The incident happened along the 2800-block of Virginia Avenue.

The mail carrier was talking with someone inside a home in the area when a dog inside attempted to get out of the home, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Animal Care and Control.

That’s when the dog, a 4-year-old Mastiff, came around the back of the home and attacked the mailman.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) says Christian Sparks, an 11-year postal veteran, suffered injuries from the bite and required more than 20 stitches. Sparks was treated at the hospital and later released.

“He will be able to return to work – after some much needed rest,” postal officials said.

Animal control officials say the Mastiff does not have a previous history of incidents and was up to date with rabies vaccines.

The dog’s owner was out of the country when the attack happened, but was able to be contacted as he was coming back through U.S. Customs to get back into the country.

Now that the dog’s owner is back, Animal Care and Control says the dog will undergo a ten-day home quarantine as it is monitored for any signs of rabies.

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10-Year-Old Recovering from Pit Bull Bite

A 10-year-old boy is recovering at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger after a serious dog bite on Thanksgiving morning.  Five days after the incident, the family describes the little boy’s condition as a God-given miracle.

“Horror is what happened that morning – I heard my son screaming.  I came out the door and he’s on these steps in sheer panic,” said Gary Ramsey, the boy’s grandfather.

Gary Ramsey says Thanksgiving morning started out like any other day for his 10-year-old grandson.

“My boy and the dog have played, rolled, they’ve rough-housed and wrestled every day with never any bad outcome.  For some reason that morning it was just different,” said Ramsey.

Their neighbor’s 2-year-old pit bull named Nikko bit the boy, causing severe injuries to his left arm. At first Ramsey says he was told the boy might lose his arm.  On Monday the 5th grader had his third surgery to work on restoring his nerves.

“He went from probably won’t be able to save his arm to being able to move his fingers,” said Ramsey.

As for Nikko, the owner turned the pit bull over to the Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga, where the dog is under observation.  The Executive Director at the Humane Society, Bob Citrullo, says Nikko is under a 10-day bite hold to make sure it does not have rabies or any other disease

“I’m very concerned with that behavior because he attacked with no warning and with what we saw I feel that he will do that again. I definitely consider him a very dangerous animal,” said Bob Citrullo.

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Dog’s potential euthanization postponed in Ware |

There was a huge outpouring of support for a dog deemed dangerous by the Ware Police Chief. Tuesday night the owner and town officials came to an agreement that will save Dino.

Close to one hundred people filled the Ware Board of Selectmen’s meeting as the board considered whether a restaurant owner’s dog was vicious and dangerous. Dino has bitten as many as twelve people on his owner’s property, despite graphic signs warning people.

Ware Police Chief Dennis Healy told 22News, “My personal belief is that a dog that has bitten as many as twelve people is a vicious dangerous dog.” However, Dino’s supporters say it’s not that simple; the people getting bitten are trespassing on Steve Kolenovic’s property, and ignoring the signs saying “Beware of the Guard Dog.”

Phil McManus of Ware said, “A dog stops a guy from breaking onto property and stealing something. ‘Let’s kill the dog?’ That’s not what this town should be like.”

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Proposed ordinance needs more tweaking, say officials

A proposed ordinance that would create tough restrictions for dogs and other domesticated animals that bite or attack a person or pet is heading back to the Board of Health for some additional tweaking.

The measure had been slated for final consideration by the City Council on Tuesday night, but aldermen voted 14-0 to send it back to the board, after City Public Health Administrator Dottie-Kay Bowersox said some changes were needed to the proposal, most of them centering around the restrictions for animals deemed


In the works for close to a year, the measure was recommended for passage by the Board of Health in October.

The City Council scheduled a public hearing for residents to comment or ask questions about the proposal on Tuesday, but the only people who spoke on the proposed changes at the meeting at City Hall, 730 Washington Ave., were Bowersox; Jill Kline, vice president of community impact programs for the Wisconsin Humane Society; and Board of Health member Bob Mozol.

Although fairly complex, the proposed ordinance essentially calls for eliminating the city’s existing vicious animal ordinance, which dubs a licensed animal “vicious” if it bites or injures a human being or pet without provocation twice within a 12-month period.

In its stead it would create two new designations — one for dangerous animals and another for prohibited

dangerous animals.

An animal would be deemed dangerous if police and Health Department staff could prove the animal bit, attacked or otherwise injured another pet or person

without provocation.

An animal would be deemed a prohibited dangerous animal if it seriously injures a person, kills another domesticated animal while off its property, or was already deemed dangerous and was found guilty of an additional unprovoked incident in which it bit, attacked, injured or endangered another pet or person.

An animal could also be deemed prohibited-dangerous if it had already been determined to be dangerous and its owner failed to follow the restrictions required to keep the animal in the city, such as posting signs and keeping the animal penned, kenneled or muzzled while outside.

Once designated as a prohibited dangerous animal, the animal would have to be removed from the city, but its caretaker would be allowed to appeal that decision.

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Mother Lies to Protect Pit Bull Who Bit Child |

On Sunday, two-year-old Gabrielle Looney was bitten on the face by her mother’s boyfriend’s pit bull. The couple took the injured little girl to the hospital, where her mother did the unthinkable.  She lied to doctors and police about what happened to protect the dog.

“She tried to say that this injury to her child occurred from a stray,” says Des Moines Police Sergeant Jim Butler, “And that’s not something that sits too well for me. First and foremost we all love our pets but we have to take care of our children first before the family pet.”

The dog, a two-year-old named Bowser, was seized by the city. It does not appear to be licensed or vaccinated.

“I will more than likely deem the dog dangerous vs. vicious or high risk because the dog according to the code did bite once at or above the shoulders of a human being,” Sgt. Butler says.

Bowser’s owner, John Houston, says he just moved in with his girlfriend and her daughters a couple of weeks ago, and Bowser and Gabrielle seemed to get along just fine.  “They were always like best friends,” Houston says, “She’s a baby, messy eater, drops crumbs so he’s always sticking around her, stuff like that. They play together. She tries to ride his back all the time. Stuff like that.”

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Dog walker sued over allegedly ‘ferocious’ dog attack that left three year old with facial scars | Louisiana Record

The father of a girl who was allegedly bitten in the face by a dog is suing the girl’s mother as well as others over her injuries.

Emmett Pierce, on behalf of his minor daughter, filed suit against Laverne Pitts, Danielle C. Reisgen, Pet Sitter’s Associates LLC, Lisa Strain, Lisa’s Dog Walking Services, Essex Insurance Company and their insurer in the 24th Judicial District Court on Sept. 18.

Pierce contends that on Aug. 20, 2013 Pitts contacted Strain, an employee of Pet Sitter’s Associates, to watch her dog at her residence over a period of time in late September, including a few days when Reisgen would substitute for her. The plaintiff asserts that when Reisgen went to Pitts’ home to become acquainted with the animals she took her two children, including the minor plaintiff. Pierce claims that while in the home his daughter attempted to pet Pitts’ Brittany Spaniel and was attacked and bitten on the face.

The plaintiff alleges that his daughter has permanent scarring on her cheek, including two-centimeter and four-centimeter lacerations, that will require scar removal treatment consisting of at least four laser procedures.

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Pasco boy bitten by dog ‘fighting for his life’ |, The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times

A 4-year-old boy was being treated for a serious neck injury at St. Joseph’s Hospital on Monday after being bitten by a Rottweiler mix Sunday afternoon.

Jasper Debow Richman was bitten around 4 p.m. Sunday by the dog at 9136 Suffolk Lane, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said. St. Joseph’s officials could not release information on Jasper’s condition Monday, citing privacy laws.

Jasper’s grandmother, Cindy Hice, and her boyfriend, Joseph Plaisted, the dog’s owner, beat the dog with a shovel to stop the attack, the sheriff’s office said. Jasper was in serious condition when he was flown out Sunday, the sheriff’s office said.

On Monday morning, Jasper’s 17-year-old aunt, Sydney Farr, said he was “fighting for his life” at St. Joseph’s, adding that the family had started a prayer circle.

“You just get a bunch of people to pray for him,” she said. “We’ve done it before (for another family member) and it worked.”

Farr spoke outside the home of Jasper’s mother, Brittany Lee Debow, who was unavailable for comment. Debow lives about a mile from Plaisted in the Jasmine Estates community just east of U.S. 19.

People who answered the door at Plaisted’s house on Suffolk Lane declined to comment Monday morning.

After Jasper was flown to St. Joseph’s, Pasco Animal Control seized the dog, which was put under a 10-day rabies quarantine, the sheriff’s office said. Once the quarantine is complete, Plaisted can decide if he wants to keep it, investigators said.

Farr, Jasper’s aunt, said she is unfamiliar with the dog.

“I just know the breed,” she said.

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