Lawmakers discuss vicious dog laws in Ohio



Quorum court addresses vicious dogs in county

One woman’s attempt to ban pit bulls within Randolph County drew a large crowd at the quorum court meeting Thursday night but those in attendance were in favor of the breed. Many spoke out for their dogs and let justice of the peace know how they felt.
Dozens of Randolph County residents showed up at Thursday night’s quorum court meeting and many expressed their concerns over one woman’s attempt to ban pit bulls in the county.
“Any dog has the ability to be vicious,” Shelly Newell said to justices of the peace.
Not long into the public comments, Judge David Jansen explained that the issue had been blown out of proportion.
“Somebody’s started something that just went like wildfire. This court, these quorum court members, not one time last month, that I remember, said that they were going after pit bulls. We had a citizen make a complaint about pit bulls but these quorum court members never said they were going after a specific breed.”

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