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The St. Albans Police Department is investigating a dog attack on Lake Street in the area of Food City. The attack happened between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Police say after the pit bull attacked a 52-year-old man fled the scene into a wooded.

The dog and owner have not been identified. Police say victim received puncture wounds to one hand and he was transported to Northwest Medical Center.

The dog is described as a medium size brown and white pit bull with a green nylon collar.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the St. Albans Police Department at (802)-524-2166.

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Three people attacked by pack of pit bulls on the loose in Fall River; two hospitalized – News – The Herald News, Fall River, MA – Fall River, MA

Two people were hospitalized Monday night after they were attacked by four pit bulls that were accidentally released from their pen, police said.

Fall River police and animal control officers caught the dogs after they had been running through a wooded area. The dogs are being held in quarantine for 10 days, said Fall River police Lt. Ronald Furtado.

The dogs’ owner, identified as Sherry King, 43, of 550 Kilburn St., will be summonsed to court on two counts of failure to license a dog, Furtado said.

The police investigation alleges that the dogs were released from their pen after a child who fed the dogs accidentally left the pen door open, Furtado said.

Around 4 p.m. Monday, Fall River police Officers Peter Daluz and Derek Pereira responded to a dog bite call at Howe and Crawford streets. A 70-year-old woman was bitten on her forearm. She told the officers that she was walking in the area when two dogs approached and bit her pocketbook. When she tried to retrieve her purse, the dogs attacked her. The force of the dogs attacking her forearm caused the woman to fall to the ground, police said.

Two nearby bystanders intervened and stopped the attack. The 70-year-old woman was treated at the scene by medical rescue personnel and transported to Saint Anne’s Hospital for further treatment, police said.

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Denison dog attack victim speaks out

A Denison woman attacked and severely injured by a pack of dogs last week is speaking out just a day after being released from the hospital.

Lois Woodall, 34, says she is still in a lot of pain, but she is in good spirits. The bruises on her arms, gashes on her head and scars on her legs will permanently remind Woodall what happened to her the night of November 25th.

She went out to get medicine for her sick daughter and was walking home along the railroad tracks at East Sears and North Travis Avenue when a pack of dogs knocked her to the ground, tearing into her clothes and skin.

“They were pulling my legs, pulling me down and that’s when they really start tearing me up, my legs and everything else,” Woodall said. “Every time I tried to get up they just got me. One of them just chewed my head up, just pulling my hair, pulling my head real hard.”

Fully aware she could die, she prayed to see her family again.

“I was thinking about my children, my husband and my family and I said I got to go on. I said God is going to get me through this,” Woodall said.

Moments later, two people driving by heard Woodall’s screams. A man in the vehicle ran over with his flashlight and scared the dogs off.

“I’m just thankful for what he done because I could have been dead and gone,” Woodall said.

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Grant Parish woman mauled by dogs dies

Bobbie Cheveallier, the elderly Grant Parish woman who was mauled Wednesday evening by stray dogs, died Monday evening at Rapides Regional Medical Center.

Grant Parish Sheriff Steve McCain confirmed Cheveallier’s death after it has been posted on social media.

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Retired Firefighter Saves Boy from Pit Bull Attack

Paul Gedgaudas, a Brockton, Massachusetts, retired firefighter, saved a 13-year old boy from a Pit Bull attack on Wednesday afternoon. Gedgaudas himself was injured when the dog turned and sunk its teeth into his wrist.

“I heard the cars honking at first, and then I heard the screams,” said Gedgaudas. “I’m figuring maybe there was a fight going on from the kids getting out of school.”

But, then he saw a Pit Bull dragging a child down the street by his ankle and the dog was not letting go. “He dragged him from my fence to the driveway,” said Gedgaudas.

The veteran firefighter said he acted instinctually and put on a pair of leather work gloves as he ran down his driveway, where he grabbed the Pit Bull by the collar to yank him away from the boy. The dog then whipped around and sank its teeth into Gedgaudas’ wrist.

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Opinions divided on stray dog round up on Pine Ridge Reservation | KOTATV.com

Opinions divided on stray dog round up on Pine Ridge Reservation | KOTATV.com Rapid City, Black Hills, So Dak. Gillette Sheridan KOTA Territory News

In response to Jayla Rodriguez’s death, police and animal control continue to round up stray dogs on the Pine Ridge Reservation. That’s divided opinions.


Pine Ridge community mourns the death of dog-attack victim

Stray dogs rounded up after child’s death

Deputy Police Chief John Mousseau says stray animals, regardless of breed, will be picked up. He says pet owners have nothing to worry about as long as their dogs are either tied up or in a fenced area and have all their shots, as required by law.

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Coroner’s office: Pack of dogs kills Wyoming woman

RIVERTON, Wyo. (AP) – Authorities say a pack of dogs attacked and killed a woman on an American Indian reservation in central Wyoming.

Mark Stratmoen, chief deputy Fremont County coroner, said in statement Monday that 40-year-old Deanne Lynn Coando (CO-Ando) died last week at a hospital in the city of Riverton.

Preliminary autopsy results show Coando died of hypothermia and loss of blood from serious injuries she suffered Wednesday when multiple dogs attacked her on the Wind River Indian Reservation south of Riverton. Stratmoen says no one witnessed the attack.

Officials are urging the public to watch for any aggressive dogs. They’re encouraging residents to report problems to a law enforcement agency.

Stratmoen says Coando, of Ft. Washakie, was a member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe.

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