10-Year-Old Recovering from Pit Bull Bite

A 10-year-old boy is recovering at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger after a serious dog bite on Thanksgiving morning.  Five days after the incident, the family describes the little boy’s condition as a God-given miracle.

“Horror is what happened that morning – I heard my son screaming.  I came out the door and he’s on these steps in sheer panic,” said Gary Ramsey, the boy’s grandfather.

Gary Ramsey says Thanksgiving morning started out like any other day for his 10-year-old grandson.

“My boy and the dog have played, rolled, they’ve rough-housed and wrestled every day with never any bad outcome.  For some reason that morning it was just different,” said Ramsey.

Their neighbor’s 2-year-old pit bull named Nikko bit the boy, causing severe injuries to his left arm. At first Ramsey says he was told the boy might lose his arm.  On Monday the 5th grader had his third surgery to work on restoring his nerves.

“He went from probably won’t be able to save his arm to being able to move his fingers,” said Ramsey.

As for Nikko, the owner turned the pit bull over to the Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga, where the dog is under observation.  The Executive Director at the Humane Society, Bob Citrullo, says Nikko is under a 10-day bite hold to make sure it does not have rabies or any other disease

“I’m very concerned with that behavior because he attacked with no warning and with what we saw I feel that he will do that again. I definitely consider him a very dangerous animal,” said Bob Citrullo.

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Opinions divided on stray dog round up on Pine Ridge Reservation | KOTATV.com

Opinions divided on stray dog round up on Pine Ridge Reservation | KOTATV.com Rapid City, Black Hills, So Dak. Gillette Sheridan KOTA Territory News

In response to Jayla Rodriguez’s death, police and animal control continue to round up stray dogs on the Pine Ridge Reservation. That’s divided opinions.


Pine Ridge community mourns the death of dog-attack victim

Stray dogs rounded up after child’s death

Deputy Police Chief John Mousseau says stray animals, regardless of breed, will be picked up. He says pet owners have nothing to worry about as long as their dogs are either tied up or in a fenced area and have all their shots, as required by law.

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Robeson Co. Woman Killed By Pit Bull Attack – Time Warner Cable News

An 83-year-old Robeson County woman has died after being mauled by four pit bulls. Alemeaner Dial was attacked by the dogs in her front yard last Saturday. She was taken off life support Friday morning.

The dogs belonged to Dial’s granddaughter who had been living with her since the summer.

“As I pulled into the driveway I could see three dogs on my grandmother and I just did everything I could getting here as quick as possible,” said the woman’s grandson, Johnathan Dial.

Johnathan Dial was the first to arrive last Saturday night after neighbors heard screams coming from his grandmother. She was being attacked by four pit bull dogs. When Dial got there he said his grandmother Alemeaner Dial was on her back crying for help, all four dogs surrounding her.

“I’m glad I got to her when I did. Lord knows I wish I had gotten to her long before…the dogs had to have been on her for a long time,” said Dial.

Dial says the dogs quickly ran off after he yelled and clapped his hands together. He says his grandmother’s scalp had been removed and all of her limbs were severely mauled.

Dial shot and killed one of the dogs, the other three had run off and were soon caught by animal control. They have now been euthanized.

Dial says the family had made efforts to have these dogs removed from where his grandmother was living but nothing ever happened. The Robeson County Health Department says the owners were not in any violation.

“What you have to realize is animal control looks at are the animals vaccinated and are they confined? And in this case they were. And the fact that the house is inside the confinement is no different than the dog being inside the house,” said Bill Smith,

Robeson County Health Department director.

Dial says this incident with his grandmother should be a warning sign for everyone.

“Everybody knows pit bulls are dangerous, whether they are around a little child or a young man or an elderly person. Pit bulls, they ought to be watched,” said Dial.

The family is mourning a loss they feel like could have been prevented.

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Newark dog attack victim’s father: ‘She’s absolutely a miracle’

Emily Ruckle is smiling these days.

A month ago, the 8-year-old’s arm was nearly torn off by a pit bull. After enduring nine surgeries, she surprised her doctors five days ago by lifting her shoulder. That helped earn her a trip back to her Newark home 30 days ahead of schedule.

But before she got to hug her beloved German shepherd, Kona, before she got to go to dinner at her favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A, before she even set foot in her house, she had one important stop to make.

Emily Ruckle, 8, returns to Newark following more than a month in a hospital after nearly losing her arm. But before continuing her recovery at home, she stopped by Newark Police headquarters to greet officers who helped save her life.

Emily wanted to thank the Newark policemen who saved her life.

“She had to stop here first and say thank you to the men in blue,” said her father, Todd Ruckle, a Newark councilman.

Emily’s recovery is off to a good start, but she still faces a long road that includes more major surgery and rehabilitation.

“It’s a long journey, and we’re all going to do it together as a family,” said Todd Ruckle. “We’re going to get this arm better.”

Emily was attacked Sept. 27 while at her home by a dog belonging to her mother’s ex-husband. The dog, Frank, had been staying with Emily’s half-brother in a separate building from the house.

The dog went after Emily when she and her half-sister, Megan, went to let it out thinking it had to go to the bathroom.

The dog attacked Emily, smashing her head on the floor and almost completely tearing off her arm.

Emily endured nine surgeries during her stay at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, including the connection of three of the severed nerve bundles, her father said.

“That could take nine months to see if that works,” Todd Ruckle said. “That’s when we will find out if anything moves and if she gets feeling back in her arm.

“But five days ago, after this, she could lift her entire shoulder up. So the doctor was really shocked that she could do that already.”

If everything goes well, they will try to rebuild her bicep in six months by taking muscle out of her inner thigh. This should not affect her ability to run or jump, Todd Ruckle said. But it will help her use her arm to lift.

Through this difficult month, Todd Ruckle said he is thankful for all the support that he and his family have received. He thanked the police for their quick response and the community for its support.

A recent fundraiser drew 700 people and raised more than $30,000 to help with medical and related costs.

“Our entire family just wants to say thank you for the outreach, all the prayers, all the positive thoughts,” Todd Ruckle said. “There are thousands and thousands and thousands of people that have wished us well.”

The incident seems to have brought the community closer, he said. “It’s just a great community to live in.”

“I’m happy that she’s back,” longtime family friend Jerry Clifton said. “It speaks well to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that they managed to get her home so quickly, and I trust she’ll heal well in the weeks to come.

“I think emotionally, it’s better for her to be home, if possible.”

Clifton, a former Newark councilman, was among several people who greeted Emily and her parents outside the police station Tuesday. Emily wanted to stop at the station after being released from the hospital to thank the three officers who responded to the dog attack and killed the animal.

Emily, who traveled in her family’s Cadillac SRX4, was met at Newark city limits by police and was escorted to the police station. She smiled, nodded and said “good” to those asking her how she was doing.

When Newark police Cpl. Andrew Pagnotti asked Emily if she wanted to stand outside or get some baseball cards, Emily’s eyes opened wide and her smile got bigger as she nodded in approval.

The group then walked into the police station. Reporters and non-family were not allowed to go with them. After a brief meeting with police, the family left the building, avoiding reporters and heading home. There, Emily was greeted by Kona and Megan, who shielded Emily’s neck from the pit bull so the dog couldn’t tear into it.

Megan also called 911 and applied direct pressure to Emily’s arm wound to keep her from bleeding to death.

Emily was tired after meeting with police, Todd Ruckle said. But after a nap, she was ready to go out. She was craving a chicken sandwich, waffle fries and a vanilla milkshake.

On Wednesday, the family will get special school uniforms for her return to school Friday.

“After that, we’re going to drive down to the beach because she wanted to get a [Nicola Pizza] Nic-o-Boli in Rehoboth [Beach],” Todd Ruckle said.

The entire event has changed the family, he said, adding it put everything into perspective.

“She’s absolutely a miracle to be alive, and it’s a second chance,” he said. “So never take anything for granted.”

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Jury selected in fatal dog attack trial – KATV

A jury has been selected in the trial of a mother and daughter. The mother has been charged with manslaughter and unlawful dog attack, while the daughter has only been charged with unlawful dog attack.

Joan Kappen, 75, was walking in her Hot Springs Village neighborhood last year, when she was brutally attacked, mauled and killed by a bullmastiff.

According to police, the dog’s owner, Emily Coy wasn’t home at the time, but her mother Brande was.

Kappen took her last walk down Ornado Lane last November before being mauled and killed by a bullmastiff.

“10 months of misery and it still is and unfortunately people are not safe,” said Joan’s husband, Norbert Kappen.

As he walked into court, he reminisced about his best friend, his confident and the love of his life.

“My wife got mauled to death, there was not a drop of blood left in her, blood was everywhere on the street, I just hope this judge and this jury understands what we are dealing with here,” said Kappen.

Emily and her mother Brande Coy were both in court on Monday for jury selection. Emily has been charged with unlawful dog attack, Brande was charged with manslaughter and unlawful dog attack.

Emily was not home when the incident happened, but according to police Brande was caring for the dog, and was even bitten when she tried to control the bullmastiff during the attack.

“This is cut and dry, bottom line is, I’m not blaming people that don’t know about it,” said Kappen. “But if people know they’re dangerous, they need to do something about it, they need to…whatever it takes to confine them,” he added.

The bullmastiff was euthanized at the request of the owner’s family.

Channel 7 did reach out to both Emily and Brande Coy’s attorneys, but did not hear back from them by the time this story aired.

The trial is set to begin Tuesday and we will continue to follow this story.

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Woman died from drug intoxication and bite wounds, autopsy indicates

Woman died from drug intoxication and bite wounds, autopsy indicates

Three pit bulls once owned by a man who went on a shooting spree in his neighborhood likely contributed to the cause of a woman’s death in a pasture, according to reports released this week.

An autopsy determined that Jessica Norman, whose body was found in a pasture near her residence on April 30, died accidentally, primarily from methamphetamine intoxication. But it added that bites that appeared to come from a canine contributed to the death.

Those bites from the canine or canines came before Norman died, a Highlands County Sheriff’s Office report said.

At the time that Norman would have been in the pasture, neighbors saw the three pit bulls running loose, the report said, adding that the dogs at that time belonged to Lisa Hodge, the widow of Floyd Gene Hodge.

A Highlands County deputy fatally shot Floyd Gene Hodge in early March after Hodge had fired numerous shots at homes on the street where he lived. Neighbors calling about the shooting activity alerted deputies about Hodge’s dogs, saying the animals posed a threat, reports said.

Although the dogs were deemed dangerous and are believed subsequently to have contributed to Norman’s death, the Sheriff’s Office determined that no charges would be filed against Lisa Hodge because she kept the dogs in an enclosed space and was not immediately aware that the pit bulls escaped. The report said she was unaware the dogs were aggressive to humans.

The Sheriff’s Office spent considerable time investigating whether the dogs contributed to Norman’s death, the reports indicate.

“Based on evidence and information on hand, the focus of this investigation was directed to the possibility that Jessica Norman may have been attacked by dogs, specifically Lisa Hodge’s three dogs, which were documented off her property on the same day Jessica Norman was last seen. Furthermore, the location where Jessica Norman’s body was discovered was in close proximity to where it was believed Lisa Hodge’s dogs exited her property.”

The report said that investigators tried to prove through DNA evidence that Hodge’s dogs were the ones that bit Norman, but did not find sufficient evidence from the wounds to match the dog DNA with DNA evidence from the dogs.

“The hairs (found on her body) were determined to be canine in origin, but were unable to produce a DNA profile for any comparison,” the report said.

Nevertheless, the investigator concluded, that those dogs were responsible for the bites on her body.

“Based on the fact that Lisa Hodge’s dogs were documented at large on the same date Jessica Norman was last seen alive, acting in what has been described as a ‘very aggressive,’ manner towards several individuals, it is believed that Jessica Norman was attacked by the same dogs. To further substantiate this theory, canine hairs located on the body of Jessica Norman were consistent with the colors of these dogs. Also, the close proximity of where Jessica Norman’s body was located in reference to where Lisa Hodge’s dogs apparently exited the fenced property, supports this theory.”

The dogs, Cisco, Bruce Lee and Chloe, were euthanized, the report said.

Neighbors had reported that the dogs were vicious.

One woman reported that one of the dogs tried to jump over her fence and that she went into the house and alerted her husband, the report said. They then noticed that the three dogs in their yard, and as they stood at the front window one of the dogs lunged into the glass window, the report said.

That and other incidents occurred around the time that Norman was missing. Family members said that the fact they had not seen Norman for a couple of days wasn’t unusual. They said she has a history of using methamphetamine. At the time of her death, she was depressed over losing custody of a son, but family members said that she was not mentally ill.

They said that Norman would go into the pasture where her body was found to use wi-fi for her Kindle device. They also said she did art.

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Pit bulls in Beacon Hill attack euthanized | www.kirotv.com

Two pit bulls involved in a violent attack on Beacon Hill last month have been put down.

The two dogs were euthanized last Friday, according to Seattle Animal Control, after no owners came forward to claim them.

A woman was walking to the bus stop in Beacon Hill last month after dropping her children at school when the pit bulls attacked her, sending her to the hospital.

KIRO 7 has learned the case will remain open in case someone comes forward with useful information about who owned the pit bulls.

Here’s KIRO 7’s previous story :

The attack occurred around 10:40 a.m. on Beacon Avenue South and South Cloverdale Street.

Video from Chopper 7 showed a woman with a bandage on her head being put into an aid car.

Witnesses told KIRO 7 the dogs were wandering the streets and appeared to be friendly until the attack happened.

Preliminary details indicate that a 28-year-old woman was being attacked by the dogs on the street. Three witnesses came to her aid. A second woman and a man were also bitten. The second woman was treated at the scene. The man also suffered a cardiac incident, according to Seattle fire.

Medics said the woman was bitten in multiple places, including her head. She was transported to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. She is in satisfactory condition.

Witnesses said three people were covered in blood after the attack.

“One of them got a hold of her arm; the other got a hold of a piece of her clothing and then pulled her to the ground. At that point one of them grabbed onto her skull and pulled a large quantity of her hair,” says Katie Banahan, who helped the seriously injured woman.

A vet tech who happened to be in the area saw the attack and told KIRO 7 she got the dogs to calm down to the point they were able to sequester them.

After the attack, one of the dogs was placed inside a police cruiser and the other behind a fence. One of the dogs escaped the fence again, but was quickly brought to calm.

Both of them were turned over to Animal Control to be monitored and quarantined.

A neighbor who did not want to be identified pointed out a man she says owns the dogs. A representative from animal control told KIRO 7 they are looking into whether he is the owner.

In 2012, Seattle Animal Shelter staff responded to 30 cases of pit bulls biting humans – more than any other breed. There were an additional two by an American Pit bull Terrier, a different classification in animal shelter reporting. The second highest dog breed were Labrador retrievers. In 2012, there were 18 bites on humans in Seattle.

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