Mastiff escapes from Charlotte home, attacks mailman – WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC

A Charlotte postal worker is recovering after he was attacked by a Mastiff Monday while delivering mail in the Plaza Midwood-area.

The incident happened along the 2800-block of Virginia Avenue.

The mail carrier was talking with someone inside a home in the area when a dog inside attempted to get out of the home, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Animal Care and Control.

That’s when the dog, a 4-year-old Mastiff, came around the back of the home and attacked the mailman.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) says Christian Sparks, an 11-year postal veteran, suffered injuries from the bite and required more than 20 stitches. Sparks was treated at the hospital and later released.

“He will be able to return to work – after some much needed rest,” postal officials said.

Animal control officials say the Mastiff does not have a previous history of incidents and was up to date with rabies vaccines.

The dog’s owner was out of the country when the attack happened, but was able to be contacted as he was coming back through U.S. Customs to get back into the country.

Now that the dog’s owner is back, Animal Care and Control says the dog will undergo a ten-day home quarantine as it is monitored for any signs of rabies.

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Council takes dog owner to court over backyard attack

OWNERS of Bruce the bull mastiff have been handed a further setback with Ipswich City Council prosecuting them over an attack that happened in their own backyard.

The Denmark Hill owners Kev and Chris Thomas faced the council in court on Friday to appeal the destruction order on their dog. The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) case has been adjourned for a fortnight.

Now they will front Ipswich Magistrates Court on Monday to face charges under the Animal Management Act for offences which attract maximum penalties totalling more than $14,000.

A council spokesman said under the Act the owner must ensure a dog does not attack and cause fear (attracting a maximum penalty of $5692) and the owner of a dangerous dog must ensure each permit condition imposed is complied with for the dog (maximum penalty $8538).

The dog has been impounded since council officers seized it in August after it bit a meter reader who walked past four warning signs and two gates to access the electricity meter in the backyard.

Energex has previously confirmed to The QT that the property was logged as housing a dangerous dog and the meter reader had not given the owners advance warning of the visit.

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Owner of dogs in fatal mauling released on bail |

Andrew Nason, one of the owners of two mixed mastiff dogs that mauled Dayton resident Klonda Richey to death in February, was released from jail on Monday evening after posting bond.

Nason, 29, and Julie Custer, 26, who was the registered owner of the two dogs, were each charged with two misdemeanors of failure to control dogs on Sept. 12, after the county’s grand jury declined to indict them on any felonies related to Richey’s death.

During his arraignment on the misdemeanor charges, Andrew Sexton, assistant prosecutor for the city of Dayton asked for Nason’s bond to be increased to $50,000. Dayton Municipal Court Judge Carl Henderson set it at $25,000. Nason was required to post 10 percent. On Monday, he was freed after $2,554 was posted for his bail. Custer has been free on bond since turning herself in on Sept. 12.

If convicted, they each face six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count.

Richey, 57, was attacked by the dogs in the early morning hours of Feb. 7 outside of her home at 31 E. Bruce Ave. Her body laid outside in sub-freezing temperatures until a passerby reported seeing a naked body in the snow around 8:15 am. When police responded, the dogs charged them and they were shot and killed.

A Montgomery County Children Services employee, Richey lived with at least 20 cats and repeatedly had sought protection from the dogs and her neighbors from the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, the police and courts in the two years preceding her death, an investigation by this newspaper found.

Also Monday during a pre-trial hearing, prosecutors exchanged discovery with Nason and Custer’s attorney, Jay Adams. Henderson set the case for a status conference at 1:30 pm on Oct. 22.

Richey’s case was the first in a series of dog maulings resulting in death and critical injuries that have spurred Ohio lawmakers to consider strengthening the state’s law about dangerous dogs. There is a bill being considered in the Ohio House of Representatives and Sen. Bill Beagle, R-Dayton, has said he plans to introduce complementary legislation in the Senate.

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Jury selected in fatal dog attack trial – KATV

A jury has been selected in the trial of a mother and daughter. The mother has been charged with manslaughter and unlawful dog attack, while the daughter has only been charged with unlawful dog attack.

Joan Kappen, 75, was walking in her Hot Springs Village neighborhood last year, when she was brutally attacked, mauled and killed by a bullmastiff.

According to police, the dog’s owner, Emily Coy wasn’t home at the time, but her mother Brande was.

Kappen took her last walk down Ornado Lane last November before being mauled and killed by a bullmastiff.

“10 months of misery and it still is and unfortunately people are not safe,” said Joan’s husband, Norbert Kappen.

As he walked into court, he reminisced about his best friend, his confident and the love of his life.

“My wife got mauled to death, there was not a drop of blood left in her, blood was everywhere on the street, I just hope this judge and this jury understands what we are dealing with here,” said Kappen.

Emily and her mother Brande Coy were both in court on Monday for jury selection. Emily has been charged with unlawful dog attack, Brande was charged with manslaughter and unlawful dog attack.

Emily was not home when the incident happened, but according to police Brande was caring for the dog, and was even bitten when she tried to control the bullmastiff during the attack.

“This is cut and dry, bottom line is, I’m not blaming people that don’t know about it,” said Kappen. “But if people know they’re dangerous, they need to do something about it, they need to…whatever it takes to confine them,” he added.

The bullmastiff was euthanized at the request of the owner’s family.

Channel 7 did reach out to both Emily and Brande Coy’s attorneys, but did not hear back from them by the time this story aired.

The trial is set to begin Tuesday and we will continue to follow this story.

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‘I jumped the fence like a crazy Maori boy’ |

Everything turned blank when Tumanako Pairama saw a vicious Mastiff cross tearing strips off a woman in the front yard of a suburban Hamilton home.

He dived over the security fence into what a witness described as the most horrific sight she’s ever seen.

Pairama’s only thought was, “smash the dog”, and that’s what he did.

The father-of-three relived the dramatic encounter yesterday as he sat in the safety of the dining room of his Nawton home.

Shortly before 3pm on Tuesday, the 31-year-old roadworker and his partner, Sarah-Lee Maraki, 26, were walking along Avalon Drive when they saw a panicked woman on the street screaming, “Help that girl, her dog!”

“I was like, aye, what are you on about?” Pairama recalled.

“We got to the driveway and, bro, just saw this dog ripping at this poor woman, just ripping her arm to shreds. I sort of freaked out at first then my wife goes, ‘jump the fence’. So I did. After that everything went blank.

“I jumped the fence like a crazy Maori boy,” he said, laughing.

Years ago, he’d seen a dog take a child’s finger off, but he’d never witnessed a mauling like that.

Maraki likened the dog’s behaviour to that of a big cat attacking prey – snarling and ripping at anything it could sink its teeth into.

She was hysterical.

“I was so shocked and scared when I seen it. All that was on my mind was to save that lady and I told my partner, jump that fence and save her.”

In the yard, Pairama searched for something, anything, to use as a weapon.

“I just went on attack mode. I grabbed the broomstick and smashed it over [the dog’s] head about three times. That dropped it and I carried on hitting it while it was lying on the ground. I didn’t care.”

The dog came too, shook off the blows and got to its feet again.

“It looked straight at me and I thought come on you. Get inside! And it did. I went to shut the door with the broom and the door was latched. Oh man, I’m going to have to walk up there. I walked up unlatched it, slammed the door.”

The woman was stricken and bleeding on the ground with serious injuries to her arm, head and torso. He ran to her side, asked if she was okay.

Pairama got her a glass of water. And she kept saying, “keep that bastard away from me” so he picked her up and put her in the car. Her forearm was so badly torn that Pairama wrapped his shirt around the wound to keep it together.

Police were first on the scene, followed by St John.

The 31-year-old victim, who owned the dog, would have died if Pairama hadn’t intervened, he and his wife said.

It would have gone from her arm, to her throat “cause that’s the instinct of a dog”. Pairama was “buzzing” for hours afterwards.

“If I didn’t jump over the fence and she died I would have been so gutted, if I was a civilian there and didn’t do nothing. But I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself bro – watching the chick get mauled by a dog and I just sit there and watch, nah.”

Senior Sergeant Damion Rangitutia said Pairama was a hero. Pairama said: “Oh, I was helping someone in need. I don’t feel like a hero.”

He owns a pitbull himself, Blacky, and a cat, Paws, who doesn’t give Blacky an inch. He was shocked how the Mastiff turned on its long-time owner, who is now recovering.

Police have thanked Pairama for his actions and said the woman would like to meet her rescuer. “All good mate, sweet as,” Pairama said.

Maraki gave him special treatment after his courageous act, too.

“How I see it is, anyone else, I don’t know what they’d do,” Maraki said.

“He just jumped that fence with a vicious as mutt like that. You weren’t even scared hon, all he thought about was that woman.”

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Ten stone dog mauls a mum and daughter – Milton Keynes Citizen

City cops have been blasted for turning up more than TWO HOURS after reports of a mum and daughter being attacked by a savage dog.

Neighbours were forced to wrestle with the mammoth ten-stone bullmastiff to save the pair from being mauled to death.

“One man managed to get the dog in a crocodile hold while it was pinning the mother and daughter to the ground and biting them,” said one helper.

“The injuries it caused were terrible and the street was like a bloodbath.

“All the time we were dialling the police – there were 11 of us all calling to say it was an emergency.

But no officers arrived until much later. When we asked why they were so late they said:’We couldn’t put ourselves at risk’, claimed the helper.

“We were furious. We thought police were meant to help people in danger, yet they were more worried about themselves.””

Paramedics had arrived promptly and rushed the mum and 16-year-old daughter to hospital.

It is understood both are now undergoing plastic surgery at Stoke Mandeville hospital.

“The paramedics said if the attack had gone on for another couple of minutes the pair of them could have died. As it was they were bitten down to the bone,” said a neighbour.

He and fellow neighbours in Bridgeway, New Bradwell, rushed outside to help as soon as the drama began at 8.30am on Tuesday.

The dog was running loose without a collar and pounced 0n the mum and daughter just as they were leaving their home.

Neighbours eventually managed to get the dog tethered to a lamppost, where it growled when anybody went near.

Residents say police officers turned up after 11am, but Thames Valley force bosses say it was 10.40am.

“It took far too long –it was disgraceful,” said a neighbour.

A police spokesman said: “Thames Valley Police were called at 8.47am to a report that a dog had bitten a woman and a girl in Bridgeway. At 8.50am, TVP’s control room was informed that the dog was on a lead and contained.

“Police arrived at 10.40am to take statements from various witnesses.

“The dog was seized and will be assessed by a Thames Valley Police specialist dangerous dog expert.

The spokesman said the incident was now being investigated under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

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Family pet needed 32 stitches after being attacked by mastiff in street – London – News – London Evening Standard

A dog owner has been left “appalled” after his miniature schnauzer was ferociously attacked by a mastiff-type dog while out walking.

Nick Llewellyn, 65, from Earl’s Court, was walking seven-year-old Ted near Lord Hills Road near Maida Vale when a large caramel-brown dog, apparently a pit bull-mastiff cross, launched a savage attack.

“I heard screams from the other side of a bush so I went over to see what was happening.

“That was when I saw my little dog in the mouth of a dog triple his size,” said Mr Llewellyn.

He described the owner of the dog as a teenage boy, who tried to intervene but was unable to control the animal. The dog was on the lead and the owner was trying to stop the attack but the dog was not listening,” he said. “Luckily I was able to free Ted from the dog’s jaws. I only suffered cuts and bruises myself.

“My builder Qamil Dasha was heroic as he wrestled with the other dog. We managed to get Ted to the vet in time to save his life.” The schnauzer suffered from severe puncture wounds to his neck and required two operations and 32 stitches. The cost of the surgery amounted to more than £1,000.

The family pet is now in a stable condition and has “bounced back to life”.


“I have seen these youths with their dogs in the park before,” Mr Llewellyn said, adding: “I just fear that if nothing is done, what else may happen.

“There are two primary schools near the park and I’m concerned that the dog may attack a child next.

“Ted was very lucky to survive but what if the next victim isn’t. It is an accident waiting to happen.”

Pit bull terriers are banned in Britain but mastiffs are legal, although there have been calls to outlaw the breed. They can weigh up to 10 stone.

Mastiffs and mastiff crossbreeds have been blamed for a recent spate of attacks. In October 2012, 71-year-old grandmother Gloria Knowles was killed after being attacked by her daughter’s dogs, which included two French mastiffs, an American bulldog and a Alapaha blue blood bulldog, in Morden.

Police say they are investigating the attack on the schnauzer, which happened at 11.30am on September 10, and are now hunting the pit bull- mastiff’s owner.

A spokesman said: “Police are investigating an incident where a dog owner, or person in charge of a dog, allowed their dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place.

“The suspect’s dog is described as a sandy coloured mastiff/terrier type dog. Its owner or handler is described as a teenager, around 6ft tall with short light brown hair.”

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