Dog attack leaves woman in critical condition

Plainfield police responded to a dog attack on Putnam Road Wednesday morning.

Police say a healthcare worker, 56-year-old Lynne Denning of Canterbury, was attacked by two to four dogs while caring for an elderly patient at 379 Putnam Road. They say Denning suffered injuries to her face, chest, arms, and legs before the dogs’ owner, 29-year-old Jenna Allen, and a man were able to secure the dogs.

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Pasco boy bitten by dog ‘fighting for his life’ |, The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times

A 4-year-old boy was being treated for a serious neck injury at St. Joseph’s Hospital on Monday after being bitten by a Rottweiler mix Sunday afternoon.

Jasper Debow Richman was bitten around 4 p.m. Sunday by the dog at 9136 Suffolk Lane, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said. St. Joseph’s officials could not release information on Jasper’s condition Monday, citing privacy laws.

Jasper’s grandmother, Cindy Hice, and her boyfriend, Joseph Plaisted, the dog’s owner, beat the dog with a shovel to stop the attack, the sheriff’s office said. Jasper was in serious condition when he was flown out Sunday, the sheriff’s office said.

On Monday morning, Jasper’s 17-year-old aunt, Sydney Farr, said he was “fighting for his life” at St. Joseph’s, adding that the family had started a prayer circle.

“You just get a bunch of people to pray for him,” she said. “We’ve done it before (for another family member) and it worked.”

Farr spoke outside the home of Jasper’s mother, Brittany Lee Debow, who was unavailable for comment. Debow lives about a mile from Plaisted in the Jasmine Estates community just east of U.S. 19.

People who answered the door at Plaisted’s house on Suffolk Lane declined to comment Monday morning.

After Jasper was flown to St. Joseph’s, Pasco Animal Control seized the dog, which was put under a 10-day rabies quarantine, the sheriff’s office said. Once the quarantine is complete, Plaisted can decide if he wants to keep it, investigators said.

Farr, Jasper’s aunt, said she is unfamiliar with the dog.

“I just know the breed,” she said.

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UPDATE: Investigation continues into boy that was killed by family dog

Monday, October 27, 2014

Updated: Monday, October 27, 2014 — 5:32 p.m.

There may never be answers as to why this tragedy happened, but the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is doing what it can to provide some closure to the family of 7-year-old Logan Meyer. Meyer died from injuries he received from the family dog. It happened Friday on Highway 67 outside of Hustisford.

The Dodge County Sheriff and Chaplain both says this tragedy is unexplainable and an absolute worst nightmare for parents and first-responders as well.

Chaplain Tim Bauer says, “In my 29 years of being law enforcement chaplain, I don’t think I’ve seen anything this bad.”

It’s a tragic situation that’s not just devastated a Dodge County family, but first responders called to the scene. A debriefing was held Sunday night for those involved.

Bauer says, “One of the EMTs said when he got there to the scene, the little guy was still breathing and he could talk a little bit, so he had a chance to talk to him and this little boy grabbed his hand and held on to his hand before his heart stopped and they started CPR for probably 45 minutes.”

Sheriff Pat Ninmann says, “It’s one of those things when you walk in to that situation, you want to do everything in your power to make that child survive and then when they don’t survive, you know they lose their life, it’s heart-wrenching.”

The Rottweiler was the family dog–there were no witnesses to the bite. Sheriff Ninmann tells us the family just moved to the area—an aunt of 7-year-old Logan Meyer set up this GoFundMe Account to assist them.

Sheriff Ninmann says, “We are investigating it thoroughly, part of the reason why we’re doing that investigation is so that we can provide answers to the family. Unfortunately there are going to be some answers we aren’t going to be able to give them.”

Bauer says, “No parent is supposed to lose their child and when it happens when they’re so young, it’s really too hard to try and explain, you can’t do it.”

Sheriff Ninmann says when one of her lieutenants arrived on scene, the dog was in its pen, wagging its tail, showing no signs of being aggressive. The dog has since been quarantined at an undisclosed location and will be euthanized.

The GoFundMe account can be found here:


TOWN OF HUSTISFORD, Wis. (AP) — Dodge County sheriff’s officials say a Rottweiler that killed a 7-year-old boy was owned by his family.

The dog attacked Logan Meyer last Friday evening at a Town of Hustisford residence.

A 911 caller said the boy was bleeding profusely. Authorities say dispatchers talked the child’s mother through CPR. The boy died at the scene despite life-saving efforts by first responders from several agencies.

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Rottweiler killed Dodge County boy

Three days after a 7-year-old boy was killed by a dog, Dodge County Sheriff Pat Ninmann is continuing to refuse to release details of what she has called a “tragic incident.”

Logan T. Meyer was “severely bitten” by a Rottweiler about 5:20 p.m. Friday, according to an updated press release issued by Ninmann late Monday morning. The release also indicated the dog was owned by the family.

“At this time, further names, addresses, and any additional information in regards to the nature of the incident and the animal will not be released out of respect to the family,” Ninmann said in the release.

Ninmann also noted in the release that the family had no interest in speaking to the media and she went on to say “the Sheriff’s Office would like to express our sincere sympathies to the family in regards to this terribly tragic incident. Sheriff Ninmann asks that you keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.”

The Reporter asked Ninmann several questions about the incident, including its location, what happened and the name of the family. She declined to release those details, claiming the incident is “under investigation.”

Over the weekend, Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brian Loos told media the sheriff’s office does not anticipate filing criminal charges. So it is unclear at this time what is under investigation.

Balancing test?

Ninmann said she had weighed the release of information against the public’s right to know and the public’s right to know did not outweigh withholding information.

In a written statement emailed to The Reporter, Ninmann said,

“Pursuant to s. 19.35 (1)(a), Wis. Stats., a balancing test will be conducted, by the custodian of the record, when statute nor case law absolutely requires release of a record(s). Application of the balancing test must include the weighing of competing interests involved and determine whether the public interest in disclosure is outweighed by public interest favoring non-disclosure.

“Elements of our record are currently being withheld after current review and application of this balancing test. The benefit to public at large is currently outweighed by potential emotional impact to those citizens involved if certain aspects of the record is [sic] released at this time.

“Further, this is, at this time, an open and on-going law enforcement investigation. We will withhold those elements of record that, if released, could negatively impact any future witness statements or gathering of evidentiary information.”

Ninmann declined to comment when asked how release of the address of the incident or the family’s name/occupation would negatively impact the investigation.

Platinum K9

Online records indicate the family recently moved to the area to open a “dog protection” business called Platinum K9 Protection.

Magon Tomasiewicz, who identifies herself as Logan Meyer’s aunt, created an online donation option through to assist the family. She set a goal of $20,000 and there was more than $6,000 pledged by Monday morning.

“Words cannot express how loved this little boy was and how much he will be missed by his parents: Tiffany Smith, Rob Meyer and Jessie Smith; and his siblings: Jordan, Izzy Jr. and Halee; as well as all his extended family,” she said.

Tomasiewicz noted that her brother and his wife recently moved and started their own business and were in between insurance. She thanked people in advance for financial contributions, saying it will help her family “worry about one less thing.”

The site includes a photo of a boy, presumably Logan, and the same boy in what appears to be a family photo: mother, father and two siblings.

The family photo shows them in front of a business listed as Platinum K9 Protection on Highway 67 in Iron Ridge. The company Facebook page opened Oct. 14.

Jessie Smith is listed as the owner of Platinum K9 Protection since Oct. 12. His Facebook biography lists him as a former Dougherty County, Georgia, police officer and a U.S. Army veteran.

Information roadblocks

While Sgt. Dale Schmidt would not comment on the dog bite incident, the sheriff-elect said roadblocks with the media will be lifted when he officially takes office in January. Schmidt defeated Ninmann by a margin of 300 votes in the Republican primary election in August. However, Ninmann has launched a write-in campaign for Nov. 4.

“The employees here are aware of (Ninmann’s withholding of information),” said Schmidt. “(Former Sheriff Todd Nehls) had a very good relationship in working with the media, and I plan to go back to doing some of the same things he did when he ran the sheriff’s office.”

Schmidt said he would not restrict the flow of information.

“I’m not going to restrict media releases to be issued just through me,” Schmidt said. “While the information will come out as I see fit, it will be released as soon as possible. But honestly, we’ve never seen anything quite like this.”

This isn’t the first fatal dog attack in Dodge County in recent years. In 2010, a 4-year-old girl was killed in the town of Hubbard when she was attacked by a boxer. Information on that incident was released by then-Sheriff Todd Nehls.

Ninmann also refused to release details when a child was severely injured in a lawn mower incident in Theresa earlier this year.

Warning signs?

Certified professional dog trainer Jake Guell of Lomira said he is interested in learning what transpired before the fatal attack. Without the information, it is hard to tell what went wrong, he said.

“The biggest thing I would say, is usually dogs aren’t unprovoked,” Guell said, adding it is likely there was a missed communication between dog and human.

Guell said a dog may perceive a person, a child in particular, as threat or as prey. Previous warning signs often are missed by families. Growling is common and a tell-tale sign of stress but “displacement behaviors” in dogs may include tongue flicking, excessive yawning, excessive scratching or tightening the corners of the mouth.

“(Tongue flicking) doesn’t mean they’re hungry, it means they’re stressed,” he said.

A dog who doesn’t get results from warning behaviors, may go to the “next level” of behavior that could include biting.

“Once a dog learns what works, they will rehearse it,” Guell said. “If a threat goes away, and a warning sign didn’t work, they will use (a behavior) that worked.”

Guell said it will be very important to learn what the child was doing, what the dog was doing and what the environment was like before the attack.

“(Rottweilers are) powerful and have one of the strongest psi (pounds per square inch) of bite pressure (of dog breeds),” Guell said. “They are strong and bred to protect. A lot of them now are being bred to be companions. (But) any dog can be provoked.”

Peggy Breister, Colleen Kottke and Laurie Ritger contributed to this story.

Woman bitten by Rottweiler in Clayton dog attack (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus)

A woman told how she tracked down a “dangerous” dog which bit her on the arm in an unprovoked street attack.

The 43-year-old victim gave a running commentary to a police operator on her mobile phone as she gave chase despite her arm bleeding.

The Bradford woman, who did not want to be identified, came forward because she was concerned that police were powerless to act because the dog, a Rottweiler, was not a banned breed.

She said: “I was lucky. My injuries could have been worse. But if it had been a child or someone in a wheelchair they could have been really seriously hurt.

“The police told me they were powerless because it is not a banned breed under the Dangerous Dog Act. But if a dog is dangerous it doesn’t matter what breed it is. The public needs to be protected from it.”

The woman raised concerns just days after another case, reported in the Telegraph & Argus, highlighted a loophole in the Dangerous Dog Act. The Singh family were initially told police would not attend after their pet dog was attacked by another dog in their garden, even though it was still prowling outside and they were scared to leave their house.

The new victim told how she was walking in Pasture Lane, Clayton, Bradford.

“A young woman had it on a chain but it was a big dog and it was dragging her all over the pavement.

“I moved to one side to let them through but the dog lurched at me. I was taking a bite from an apple and the dog jumped up and sank its teeth into my arm through my jacket.

“It had its teeth in my arm for about five seconds while I tried to drag it free. It was the longest five seconds of my life.”

She said the woman crossed the road and started to run off with the dog.

“I called 999 and got through to a police operator while I chased after the woman.”

She managed to follow the woman to a house in Scholemoor and hid while she waited for police to arrive.

“I took my jacket off and saw I had two big puncture holes in my left forearm.”

She had the wounds cleaned and dressed at Bradford Royal Infirmary and was put on strong antibiotics.

But she said: “I am concerned about the loopholes in the law. I asked a policeman what would happen about the dog and he said they were powerless because it didn’t come under the Dangerous Dog Act unless someone was killed or very seriously injured.”

Police said a 19-year-old woman had been interviewed under caution and inquiries were ongoing. It is understood the dog has not been removed by police.

Inspector Tom Horner, of Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “There are four dog breeds categorised as dangerous and if we are called to an incident involving an animal which is not one of these types there are still measures we can take to protect the public.

“When we attend the address of the dog owner a risk assessment is carried out which considers a number of factors such as: is the dog kept in a safe environment; are there children on the premises; has the dog previously been reported to the dog warden, and other elements relating to security and handling. If we are concerned about anything we can apply to the court for a warrant to seize the dog.

“It is never the case that a dog that poses a danger to the public, that has been reported to the police, is left to cause more harm.”

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Rottweiler attacks young girl on her way to Bransholme primary school | Hull Daily Mail

A YOUNG girl was attacked by a Rottweiler as she walked to school in Bransholme.

The attack, which took place on Monday morning just outside St James’ Primary School, was witnessed by a woman, whose nine-year-old son attends the Dorchester Road school.

The concerned woman, who has asked not to be named, contacted the Mail over claims both the police and council’s dog warden were informed of what had happened, but did not act quickly enough.

The woman said: “I was taking my little boy to breakfast club, it was around 8.10am, when I noticed a loose Rottweiler.

“At this time there was only us, another woman, two lads and the little girl around.

“My little boy is quite scared of dogs, so he grabbed my hand tighter.

“I saw the dog leap up at the little girl and put his paws on her shoulders.

“She didn’t seem to mind at first, but then the dog started getting too friendly and then all of a sudden it had pinned her to the floor.”

The young girl started to scream for help, but somehow managed to free herself from the dog.

Both the police and dog warden were called.

“The police said they wouldn’t attend and we were also told the dog warden didn’t start work until 9am,” the mother said.

“This whole thing could have been so much worse.

“If one of the children was, god forbid, bitten or savaged, what would have happened?

“There is no way, without knowing the personality of the dog, you could approach it. I want to know why either the police or the dog warden didn’t attend straight away.”

The school’s caretaker managed to isolate the dog and get a rope around it.

Another parent is believed to have taken the animal to a dogs’ home.

The Mail contacted Humberside Police regarding the incident and was told they had no log of the call.

A force spokesman said if the situation had passed, the dog was under control and there was no immediate threat, then it would be the responsibility of the council’s dog warden to deal with the animal.

Hull City Council say the dog had already been removed from the school premises before they were made aware of what had happened.

Principal environmental health officer Emma Tindall said: “Any reports of stray dogs are dealt with appropriately, and as soon as we were made aware of this case we contacted the school and found that the dog had already been removed from the school premises.”

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‘Rottweiler’ attack at Riverwood leaves toddler in hospital with serious facial injuries |

A VICIOUS dog attack in Sydney’s south west has left a toddler with serious facial injuries today.

Witnesses told police the toddler was bit by a rottweiler dog that was tied-up outside a shop in Riverwood.

The attack took place along Belmore Rd, near Coleridge Street, just after 10am.

The boy has been taken to St George Hospital in a stable condition.

Officers from St George police have impounded the dog believed to be behind the attack.

Police had to search for the dog after it and the owner left the scene of the attack before emergency services arrived.

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